Without Freedom

Without Freedom we live in slavery…

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What We Need To Have Power

Oh, crap, Job creators!

In order to establish our freedom and power the People need a steady platform from which to operate. What makes a steady platform for the average human? We need what any mammal needs, a land base, a reasonable shelter, healthy air and water and food, and enough resources to become self sustaining. We are constrained by those hoarding wealth and power from access to that steady platform through their control of the land (the government has captured nearly 50% of our land mass while 80% of us live in urban settings that occupy merely 3% of the land of the United States). Land is controlled by government mandate, via taxes, via the fiat mortgage system thus making us go to extraordinary or even impossible lengths to make ourselves tenuously secure. We must take back our right to manage these things ourselves if we want to establish our power and freedom.


What if we held a debt jubilee to free ourselves from all obligation to and support of the financial en-slavers, and what if we insisted that it is the birth right and human right of each of us to a share of the things we must have to guarantee our survival? The most practical way to begin this is to agree those in a home keep it without any further obligation of any kind. Those that need a home can create free, self sustaining land bases where the work and resources are shared to provide a higher standard of living for all, or for those folks that just want to live on their own terms and alone land can be made available via local committees.


When the population is safe and secure we can build an economy on top of it but we should never have the right to deny anyone the means of human existence.The benefits of a secure population are many; without the need to work diligently to pay off mortgages or to pay rents we will reduce our dependence and focus on the corporate jobs system and we can work together to provide each other free health care, free education, and free everything including energy, space travel, scientific discoveries and materials if we so choose, and if we care to organize it that way. I can’t see why we should let a group of people that know how to create money system scams to enslave us go on making arbitrary rules like “Space is a commodity” to justify banker loans for profits. It’s just a future of more slavery for the masses in that system and it’s time the People started declaring their right to free stuff for their own benefit so we can make the world a better place for all of us, and everybody but the power hungry can live happily ever after… Thoughts anyone?