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My Chat With The Feds

March 1, 2016

My hour long chat with the Marshals of Fort Smith

Preface; I offered to go to the County Clerk’s office in the Federal Building of Fort Smith, Arkansas to pick up cover letters of these documents which had been sent for filing by folks associated with the National Liberty Alliance.

Case Number 1776-1789-2015

15-05-13 Writ Quo Warranto

15-05-20 Mandamus to Sheriff

15-05-23 Mandamus Judges

15-05-27 Mandamus martial law

15-05-29 Mandamus 2nd Amendment

15-06-03 Mandamus Terrorism

15-06-06 Mandamus subversion

15-07-10 Gov Mandamus

15-07-20 Mandamus US Supreme Court

15-10-14 Information to Judges

15-11-05 Information SWAT

15-11-13 Show Cause Chief Clerk & Chief Judge

Today I went to the county clerk’s office at the Federal Building in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Chief Clerk was not there. Two women tried to help me but could not find the filing, one said that the numbers were unusual and they were not used to seeing them this way. They asked me for a case name which I did not have. They spoke to a man only slightly visible in a back alcove after which I was approached from behind by a man who introduced himself as Chris from the Marshal’s Service, he was closely followed by another man whom he introduced as a chief or senior of the Marshal Service. I understood he was Chris’ boss. He invited me to come talk with them and I cheerfully agreed. I shook hands with the “boss” and heard his name but I’ve forgotten it. I told them I was Trish. We went up in the elevator. Chris said he was fairly new to this area and he’d come from Little Rock.

Chris is a Caucasian man in his mid thirties, about 6′ tall, medium athletic build, pleasant oval face with even features, blue eyes, reddish blond close-cut hair, high brow, freckles (I think). He wore semi casual business clothes with a pale plaid shirt with sleeves rolled up, dark blue pants. Guy 2 – the Marshal, a Caucasian man, appeared to be between 45 – 50 years in age, 5’7, medium-muscular build, small round face with grayish light brown hair, cut medium business length with a rather full mustache to the corners of his mouth, possibly hazel eyes, some tan on his face. He wore tan pants, a dark brown belt, a white, long-sleeved shirt with open neck.

Chris had this sort of face but much more strawberry blond color and slightly shorter hair.





Guy 2 looked like this with more and lighter hair and a short forehead, and less smile, slightly smaller nose, and more clothes!



They led me through their office and into a conference room. Chris showed me his ID, a rather obscure document in his billfold. We all sat and Chris asked me if I was involved with the National Liberty Alliance and I said I was. He said that he was expecting one of us to show up, and said he’d been briefed. I explained that I had come to get copies of the documents listed on an excerpt I’d cut from the information form I’d been sent. I showed it to him. He said the clerk had not filed them as they were not considered actual legal documents. He then asked me again what it meant to be part of the NLA, was there a membership or, hierarchy?, so I told him there was no membership fee, no pecking order, it was simply concerned Americans who want a fair justice system. One of them asked for better clarification so I said it was as though he, and he (the other guy) and I agreed to getting together to play cards. I told him it was simply an association of individuals who were trying to have the judicial system reflect the Constitution and protect the people who hired them to do that. He wanted to know how I’d become involved and I told him through my own research on the web; he asked and I answered this question twice. He asked how long I’d been involved and I answered about 8 months. (it is actually maybe a year longer than that probably, now that I have had time to reflect) He asked if the group had current plans and I told him I had not been active lately as I’d broken my wrist, started a new job, and had new grand babies in California I’d visited. I explained that a member of the NLA called me yesterday to see if I was active and he’d told me that the papers listed above were needed from the county clerk. Since I was going to see the dentist in that direction I told him I’d go pick them up. Chris asked for his name and Anthony was all I could remember. He asked for more info on him and I said I had none but his email address at home, that I’d spoken to him for the first time yesterday.

He looked again at the list of documents then he asked me if I would tell him my last name. I said politely “no”. Surprised he asked “Why not?” I said “because I want to test your respect for my rights” and looked him in the eye calmly while he looked back.

Chris spoke again about the documents we’d attempted to file and said we had filed them in some other states. I told him we had covered the entire country, all of it. He again claimed that the documents were not considered actual legal docs by the courts. So I asked him who exactly said so and based on what law. He got very vague, said the people above him and then said he was not a lawyer. I said that was hardly enough and was very arbitrary. I asked if he went into his bank and asked for his money and the bank said no you would want to know why and based on what policy, so, I suggested, his answer to me was as if the bankers had said, well we got together and decided that’s the way it is. I told him it was his job and his responsibility to know the law so he could apply it correctly. I said “You should know this.” I was not in any way angry when I spoke to him but treated him like an employee in training, which he was.

Chris said “Well you guys need to get together and get a lawyer to guide you with this, it really is up to you to get attorneys to guide you. That is how it is done.” This came up twice within the hour of conversation and I rebutted in the end that we do have lawyers and that as far as we are concerned the documents are legal. I said we spent 10s of thousands of dollars sending them out and we didn’t do that without having confidence we were acting in the law. We challenged each other back and forth on this point a bit and I asked him if he did not know the law how could he be sure he was defending it. We commented a bit about the group assumptions that go along with any group like at school, and in the workplace. I told them that it was very important to us that they understood that the power and authority rests with the people of whom they were important parts, and that we have entrusted them to know the law and our rights and to protects us. It is they whom we rely upon.

Chris then wanted to know if we were not heard how we intended to get our way, would we use violence? I assured him that was not my intention, and that I had never heard anyone involved with the NLA speak of it. The other man was very interested in this question and this was their primary area of interest. I said it was my strong interest that the government not overstep it’s authority. I got into a rather passionate speech about the situation in Oregon and they said they were not too briefed on the details. I told them what had happened to the Hammond family and the gross injustice done there by federal agents because of the limited damage caused by the backfire the Hammonds set to save their house, the jail time, the label of “Terrorists”, the $400,000 fine for about $150.00 of damage to some scrub land, then a second egregious legal attack by a federal agency, and further jail time. I told them that this could not be acceptable to any of us.

I told them that hundreds of ranchers had been driven off their lands in Oregon with flooding and harassment by federal agencies. I said that LaVoy Finnicum was suffering from the same kind of overreach and they’d even gone so far as to pour cement into his drinking wells. I said that the federal government was given the right to own 10 square miles in Washington D.C. and forts, and docks and buildings like the one we are sitting in with the approval of the states. I told them that the Heritage Foundation did a study that found that the federal government had control of 50% of our land mass. I said that 80% of us live on 3% of our land base so why is it that millions of Americans are homeless? How is it that the people own the land yet a person who cannot find a job in this system can’t walk out on a piece of our land and use the resources he needs to take care of himself? I said recently there was a case of a homeless man camping on public land and a swat team showed up and shot him to death. I told them that I at one time was very close to being homeless and it was terrifying. I said that my personal passion was land rights and that it should be the human right of each of us to a free share of the land and resources of our country – we are, after all, mammals. So the overreach by the feds, and the denial of rights to our own land was especially upsetting, not to mention the Patriot Act through which they can call us terrorists, take us without trial or justice and incarcerate us for life! It”s horrifying. So, I told them, we need you in the courts making sure we are protected. Guy 2 said that the indictments were in on the case in Oregon and the legal processes were rolling along in the usual way. Chris acted as if he was not much informed about the situation.

I explained that the land issue was my own personal issue, and passion, and not something that was a subject of discussion by the NLA. I told them that the federal government was closing roads in various counties around the country and denying public access. I told them that local sheriffs were upset that they had not been consulted, nor had the local councils, or towns folks. When they found out the sheriffs and others were horrified that their access to those roads that were needed to fight forest fires were secretly being taken out of their control. I told them many sheriffs were now working with the NLA to understand constitutional law and their authority over federal entities. There was a silence, so I said. “So are you arresting me now?” They rolled back in their chairs, then smiled and said “No”. Chris asked me if I felt safe in the moment, and I said “Yes”.

This brought Chris back to how we of the NLA would respond if a wall was put there that could not be crossed- I said we are relying on YOU, both of you, and those whom we have entrusted to know the law and to protect us. I said, this is why I am passionate about the issue of land rights. I said “If your boss tells you to do something that you know is not right and you object then he can say ‘You’re fired’ and your income is gone, your mortgage and home may be lost, your family put in danger. That is too much risk. You need more security than that to do your job with integrity. So, it is a point of education. It is a matter of education of you, and sheriffs, etc. to know the law and to protect us. And I very much appreciate that we are talking like this now, getting to know what is truth, and how to respond appropriately.

I was asked by Chris what my personal interest was and I said “It is terrifying to me that the federal government did what it did to Lavoy Finnicum”. They said they didn’t know much about it so I told them the story as it was told by the two women in the car when LaVoy was murdered. I said this was ambush by the federal government, they were lured into a trap, shot at, ran to get to the sheriff, ambushed again and he was murdered in an avalanche of gunfire, I said, no one pointed a gun at the feds, these were peaceful Americans protesting the gross overreach of the government.” Guy 2 said that the Bundys refused to pay taxes. I said “They refused to pay taxes to the federal government which has no legal authority over it. They were happy to pay taxes to the state, and for this, and for their demand for right behavior for the Hammonds the feds caused an armed ambush and brutally murdered a man, and terrorized others. Then they went so far as to sanitize the crime scene. Then they took LaVoy’s foster children from the family. And none of those men who have terrified and murdered American people has even been charged.” I said “People who grow organic food, or who drink raw milk are being terrorized by swat teams. This is too much. This is unacceptable to all of us. We can not live like this. And this is why we are working to build the common law grand juries as a protective wall between the people and the courts. (I had explained in here somewhere the role of the common law grand juries and their function with the courts. And the role of county administrators to educate the common law juries) They had a concern that we wanted to demolish the entire justice system (I said something about them being private corporations). I said we need to have the common law juries decide whether a case is valid, or originate investigations if needed and pass the appropriate cases on to the courts. But we also need the courts to follow the law, and they need to be made into places of kind and gentle justice. Guy 2 explained that the role of the Marshall Service was to operate in the little bubble as security for the judges and courts, and to sometimes serve papers. He also told a story of a man who came in to a marshal friend of his with some legal documents made outside the existing system and demanded they be used to take property he claimed as his away from another individual. He said he/they were unable to act on those docs. – I believe that this was a reference to the validity of the documents we had presented and their inability to process them.

Chris asked me if I was experiencing any of the things here in Arkansas that I described to them. I assured him I was not. He mentioned politics and wondered if I’d voted which I didn’t answer. I told them of the study by Princeton University that found over the last 20 years exactly ZERO laws were passed by Congress that reflect the opinions of the 90% of the masses, so to me voting was an exercise in futility. I told them in an investigation of my own I discovered that despite 21 generations of Americans working their butts off only 28% of us owns our own home, yet we have the feds holding 50% of our land & killing us over the use of it, and while 72% get to own nothing no matter how much we work, and the wealth we all produce floats up to 400 families. I said that this was how our country was established by our founding fathers, land was stolen from the natives, that only wealthy land holders had the right to vote (themselves), and they charged us for the land that was stolen, and the rest of us mooks don’t get a say. And that has rolled on down to today. Chris thought Trump is so popular because he is not part of the establishment.

We decided that we were done talking. I asked Chris for his full name which he very reluctantly wrote on a slip of paper I gave him, Chris Johnson, and I asked for his title which he refused to name specifically but said he was part of the U.S. Marshal Service, I insisted and he cast a slightly frantic glance at Guy 2 and dissembled again mumbling “Marshal Service”. I pushed again asking “Marshal Service what? But he wouldn’t cough it up so I wrote under his name Marshal Service. I didn’t ask Guy 2 for his. (I could have been better on this point) I gave them my address and the address on the instruction page of the NLA since, I told them, I felt sure one of their agencies already had it.

I thanked them very much for listening to what I had to say. Chris said he would be reporting on our meeting, “As will I” I said. We agreed that it is valuable to go on talking with each other to get good at knowing and using the Constitutional law for the good of all Americans.

The End

Trish House reporting,

March 1, 2016